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Civil litigation is typically handled on a contingent fee basis, where a client does not pay a single dime to litigate a case. All costs are borne by the attorney. In West Chester PA, if a case is reviewed but not accepted, the potential client is not responsible for any of those costs. If a case is taken but ultimately proves unsuccessful, the client is again not responsible for any costs. It is only in the case where a recovery via verdict or settlement is obtained that the attorney recoups his costs and receives a percentage of the recovery (a percentage that differs depending on the kind of case and the expected complexity of that case).

Civil suits can be anything from a simple car accident or slip and fall to a complex medical malpractice case, the latter of which can often cost tens of thousands of dollars just to litigate. Plaintiffs’ firms don’t get enough credit for taking those financial risks in an attempt to bring just compensation to victims of wrongdoing.

David Moscow is the finest personal injury lawyer in Chester, he got his start at one of the most prestigious civil law firms in the country, whose founder has a Philadelphia law school named after him.

IMPORTANT: Any personal injury claim is governed by the applicable Statute of Limitations in Pennsylvania or any other jurisdiction where you choose to bring suit. The Statute of Limitations governs how much time you have to file a lawsuit after you knew or should have known you were injured. If you do not bring suit within the prescribed Statute of Limitations, your suit may be forevermore barred. Therefore, you will want to contact a Personal Injury Attorney in Chester as soon as possible to make sure you don’t lose any rights to recovery.

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