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Child Abuse

Every crime committed is frowned upon not only by the judicial system but by the general public as well. Some crimes draw more attention than others, and child abuse is one that nears the top of the list. Unfortunately those that have been accused of child abuse crimes are often judged before they have their day in court.

Any crime needs to be taken seriously and demands the need for a criminal defense attorney to represent them. When it comes to child abuse allegations the need for counsel as quickly as possible should be the priority.

The Child Abuse Allegations

As Chester County child abuse defense lawyers we are highly experienced in this area of the law. We often see child abuse charges that have arisen from misunderstandings. Then many times false allegations are made by a spouse who has the intention of preventing access to the child or children. We don’t judge our clients and stand on the premise of the law that everyone accused is innocent until proven guilty.

Allegations of child abuse in Chester County can come from many different sources, such as within the school system, the medical community, and even family, friends or neighbors. No matter where these accusations come from they must be provided with proof. As your child abuse defense lawyer in Chester county we will vigorously defend you against each and every accusation and every shred of proposed truth that is presented by your accusers.

Child Abuse Charges

Child abuse charges can come in a variety of different forms such as:

  • Calling the child names
  • Shouting or yelling at the child or belittling them
  • Bodily harm such as hitting or shaking or any other form
  • Exhibitionism
  • Making the child watch sexual acts or any behaviour considered to be lewd
  • Not being supervised properly
  • Not be properly cared for such as proper hygiene, improper clothing, not being supplied with proper nutrition, or being prevented from receiving medical care.

Your Legal Advocate

Being accused of child abuse can be a most difficult accusation to deal with. It can create a sense of panic, along with many other emotions. As your Chester County child abuse defense attorney we can help to relieve the stress of the challenge that you are up against. We know the law, and we have the experience in dealing with the most difficult child abuse cases. Our role is to represent your legal rights and bring the facts before the courts to prove your innocence. Individuals facing charges of child abuse may need legal representation against charges such as:

  • False claims of child abuse
  • Injury that took place as a result of something else outside of the scope of child abuse
  • Parental disciplinary rights
  • Religious rights and exceptions

Don’t Wait – Time Can Be Your Enemy

It is critically important that as soon as any accusation of child abuse in Chester County is levied against you that you contact our office immediately. Evidence in support of your innocence can become lost very easily, and the allegations being made should be addressed at once. Call our office now and let us help you with this very serious legal matter.

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