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Domestic violence charges can be extremely scary. When temperatures are high, the wrong word or two can lead to extenuating circumstances. False accusations and exaggerated claims are sadly common. Physical altercations can require self-defensive actions that are open to interpretation. But being wrongly accused can permanently destroy a person’s life.

If you are a resident of West Chester and a victim of domestic violence, an experienced Domestic Violence attorney can safeguard you against this evil.

In Chester County, Domestic violence is an area of law that carries civil as well as criminal penalties. It applies to matters between spouses, ex-spouses, people who live together in an intimate relationship, people who have lived together, parents and children, current or former sexual partners, siblings, or people otherwise related by blood or marriage. Domestic violence includes domestic assault, stalking, child abuse, endangering the welfare of a child. If you are a victim of any of these matters, a seasoned attorney can protect your interests and help you obtain a Protection from Abuse Order.

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